What slot does ram go into

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So go over the RAM slots (there's two you know) again. ... - MacBook Pro 15" Unibody.Along with what machead said, RAM slots do go bad. Start with one known good chip.I borrowed a friend macbook pro of the same kind, took out my HD and place into a external drive and formatted with... when does RAM go serial? - TR Forums In effect each RAM slot is like a PCIe slot today, with its own wiring. So now you either have to have a switched fabric in the northbridge, or you're putting a switch into the memory controller in the CPU. In the former case, you're talking about a northbridge chip that has to run at processor speeds; in the... What ram slots do I fill? | Forum Just put your 2 sticks into A1 + B1 and you'll be off.What Nightgloom and Halym said. First user manual and check how slots are described. How to Install RAM (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop

Does it matter in which ram slot a ram stick goes in So Im about to buy aa 8GB Kingston HyperX fury, but here's the problem though. the way the ram stick is built will probably hit CPU heatsink cooler, but the other 2 slots aren't slightly blocked. So would insterting the stick in the 2nd slot have undesired effects? does it mattter which slot my memory ram goes in? | Yahoo ... Best Answer: Depends on the machine. You need to read up on your user's guide. Typically the larger Ram goes into the 1st slot on older machines. Some motherboards require that both slots contain the same amount of memory, like 256 or 500 for each. And some machines can not handle more than x memory ... What is a RAM slot - answers.com

Apr 8, 2017 ... It came with a stock 4GB RAM, which has caused me to run into some ... The second RAM slot — where the factory-installed RAM goes — is under ... You might not have to do it in order to insert the RAM, but it was pretty easy:.

Remember to make sure that when installing your RAM you only install it into slots of the same color so that the motherboard can activate the multi-channel memory technology. All you have to do ... How to Add RAM (with Pictures) - wikiHow RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory that your computer uses to store data that is currently in use. Generally speaking, having more RAM can allow your computer to perform more tasks at once, though this is also dependent on a variety of other factors. Installing RAM (Memory) in Your Computer If you are using SDRAM or single-channel DDR-SDRAM, then it usually doesn't matter which modules go into which slots. But a few motherboards require that you start with the first slot and fill them in order, so you may as well do it that way. Does this RAM go into my FM1 motherboard? - Quora If your board has the free slot for it, yes. You can buy that. But if you’re really worried, go to the board manufacturer’s page and check memory compatability, there’s a chance that the memory is tested by them to verify that it does work.

RAM does not always default to the speed advertised. Because of differences in motherboards and settings.... when you plug the RAM into the board it will default to a lower speed A LOT. You really need to go into the bios and ensure it's running at the speed it is advertised as.

Can you have uneven memory in the two memory slots? - iFixit Hey, I was looking to upgrade my mac book pros memory when I saw i have 2 gb memory in each slot, and I was wondering can you have 4 gb of memory in one slot and 2 gb in the other or do both slots need to be even. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I read the answers and Im a but confuse, So I will my ... How to Buy and Install Computer Ram Memory: 12 Steps How to Buy and Install Computer Ram Memory. Is your computer not as young as it used to be? Does it take forever to start up, or crash whenever you try to open more than two programs at once? Windows does not show all my memory ram - answers.microsoft.com